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4 Reasons Why LinkedIn is Worth Investing Your Time

1. Everybody Who Matters is on It

It’s the largest professional social network in the world with 150 million people registered in 200 countries. Your competitors, clients, colleagues, suppliers, friends, alumni, acquaintances, family and potential clients are all probably here. It’s too big to ignore. Registering your profile allows people to find you easier.


2. It’s More Personal & Trusted Than Email

There’s no bulk mailing on LinkedIn and almost no spam. Receiving a mail means someone has made the effort to view your personal profile, deemed you worthy enough to contact and wrote you a mail. Therefore you’re much more likely to pay attention to a mail received on LinkedIn than a regular email. You’re not bombarded with messages like your email inbox so a mail on LinkedIn stands out. The response rate for mails on LinkedIn is well documented. While an email account can be set up in seconds, a credible LinkedIn profile with a full detailed history, established connections and recommendations isn’t that easy to fake. With most people having a profile picture, it also helps put a face to a name and builds credibility.


3. It’s Direct

A message sent to a person’s LinkedIn profile will usually hit the right email address. If it’s their personal email they’ve registered with then it will stand out in the inbox more and if it’s their work email that they registered with it’s likely to be their current one even if they’ve switched jobs.


4. It Gives a Real Opportunity to Network Online

Online relationships can never replace the power of face-to-face offline meetings, even telephone calls and other communication but there are several ways that LinkedIn can help build existing relationships. It has lower engagement rates than Twitter and Facebook – probably because people are more comfortable interacting with their social circle than their professional circle. Yet LinkedIn still has room for engagement in niche Groups and LinkedIn Answers with people you’re not connected with as well as in the update stream with your existing connections.

LinkedIn is based on 6 degrees of separation - the idea that you’re only six connections away from any person on Earth. While theory says that 150 is the maximum people you can possibly keep a meaningful relationship with, you’re more likely to get business from a friend of a friend and not necessarily your 150 close connections (read the strength of weak ties).  If each of your 150 meaningful contacts has 149 other meaningful contacts then that opens up 22,350 people who are just one introduction away. How many of those are you tapping into?


About the Author

Brian Martin is a director with e-Celtic Ltd. He joined e-Celtic in 2006 and leads the growth of the company in European markets. He is a speaker on SEO and passionate about the potential of the Internet to grow businesses.  e-Celtic specialise in performance based digital marketing campaigns working with leading brands, eCommerce sites as well as SMEs.


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