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How SEO Services Can Increase a Company’s Revenue

Here are a few key points on how e-Celtic SEO can help a business to generate sales online.


Build Your Market Share1.          Build Your Market Share – Effectively what e-Celtic SEO does is to make you visible online. We do this by improving your rankings on search engines for the keywords associated with your business. No matter how beautiful your website is, if it’s not optimised and promoted – you’re invisible. Appearing prominently on search results means not only are you noticed but you’re noticed by the right kind of people. People who are searching for what you offer right now. These people are in the awareness phase of their purchasing decision and you need to be there. Don’t forget to not waste a good recession as research states that it pays off to market in a downturn.



Reducing Costs2.          Reducing Costs – Outsourcing to an SEO Company in Ireland such as e-Celtic helps to keep your costs down in comparison with hiring and training an internal SEO team member. If you’re to compare a long term campaign spend in Print Media, Radio or even Google Adwords against a search marketing campaign, there is considerable lower cost and a higher ROI with the latter each time. John Wanamaker said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. SEO reduces this wastage in spend by being 100% measurable.




More Time For Core Tasks3.          More Time For Core Tasks – A phrase comes to mind when I read this “Leave it to the professionals”. It’s difficult enough to juggle a business at the best of times without trying to become an expert in a new activity based on technology. You wouldn’t become an electrician to wire your home so likewise you don’t need to become an expert at SEO. Between constant iterations of Google’s algorithm, the expense of industry leading tools and the time it takes to undertake SEO, if you value your time then it’s probably best spent elsewhere. While an understanding of your search performance is important to have, an in-depth knowledge isn’t required.




Market Intelligence4.          Market Intelligence – SEO services can make all the difference in understanding your consumer, market and competitors better. We discover keywords that yield additional search traffic in your niche that you may never have thought possible. This could inform product development that there is untapped demand for a particular line of products. We can witness seasonal changes in consumer behavior or even patterns in daily habits. We’re also able to forensically identify a substantial amount of information about your competitors and where they’re succeeding online and failing. Through our data analysis of Google Analytics and other platforms we can help you gain more leads and convert more prospects to customers.




Enhancing Brand Value5.          Enhancing Brand Value – Search engines offer unprecedented access to choice. This means your competitors are closer than ever before. With the barriers to setting up an online presence getting lower and lower, there is a need to establish your brand; this is even advocated by Google. From an internet marketing perspective, brands have higher success rates when getting links naturally from other sites or through sending out requests from other webmasters. This all boils down to trust that people place in brands. A visible and strong brand online can give you a disproportionate advantage over competitors regardless of their size offline. A solid brand presence is also vital in protecting and maintaining your reputation management online should there be any threat to it from competitors or other sources.

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