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What is Negative SEO

What is Negative SEOTo define the term “Negative SEO” it means to damage or to attempt to damage another’s site rankings. Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz has a recent video on the effects of “Negative SEO” of which it covers most of the basics and recaps on what you can do in the long term to stop this kind of attack. Link based attacks can occur over a number of months, and are hard to filter out.


Negative Links to your site can become cancerous as the search engines find them naturally and over time if not treated will banish your website to the doldrums. If you start taking out links one by one you may spend all your time and resources fighting a perceived threat that may not be the solution to the overall problem, this could set your site back months. Negative SEO is here to stay and only through methodical campaigns of good high-quality Link building will your sites reputation come through this.


What are the signs you have been hit with negative SEO? There are a few different methods, which you might not think of, that can damage your campaign efforts such as:


•      Spam link building using anchor text, Blog comments including forum and profile links – If you are signed up for Google alerts you will all of a sudden get 100,s perhaps 1000s of links. You can expect a pending email from Google Webmaster Tools about unnatural links.
•      Fake tweets, Google Plus and also Facebook likes
•      Pinpointing your Google places page with fake reviews and spam can cause this to be delisted from Google reviews which happens very quickly – This method can be rather unpleasant to any brick and mortar business but still effective in negative terms.


Some of these methods above are used on a daily basis but again, if you had been previously using a high quality profile the impact will not be as severe and u will recover quicker. Since the “Penguin” and “panda” updates quality really is King. Large scale patterns will emerge about how they are targeting you and through what methods.


Some of the tools used to evaluate your overall Link profile are:


Google webmaster tools
Open Site Explorer
Majestic SEO
Bing Webmaster Tools


We suggest using more than 1 for maximum results


Can you prevent Negative SEO?


This is a question that is hard to answer definitively, in a way you cannot but it would seem fruitless for someone to continuously spend time and money to damage your site in the long term. You can monitor your links daily but building a defensive wall around you costs your resources also. The best form of attack for this situation we feel is to have a clean Link profile, Google will recognise this and will value your previous patterns and history and will award you accordingly based on the premise that your previous work was not junk and was built with strong high quality links.

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